We believe you should be in control of how you share your thoughts and passions so that they can grab attention and make great things happen. Woto helps you achieve this by giving you pages that live and breathe on the Internet, without the hassle of web sites and commitment of blogs.

Standalone Pages: A New Category of Content

Up until 10 years ago we used to turn on our browsers every morning and open up the blogs we had bookmarked. Today social media has replaced this behaviour and Facebook/Twitter have become the destination sites.

When it comes to content publishing, however, both Facebook and Twitter are limited in terms of flexibility and capability.

Thus a new category of content and a new type of publishing experience is needed.

We call this category "standalone pages". These are mobile-friendly web pages with text, images, videos, sounds, payments and other widgets that the web has to offer. They are not part of a web site or a blog, i.e. they can "stand" on their own, and they can easily be shared on social media.

What is Woto?

Woto is to standalone pages what YouTube is to videos, Instagram is to pictures and SoundCloud is to sound clips.

In 3 clicks and a few seconds, you can publish a standalone page with its own URL, enrich it with bags of features Woto has on offer and share it on social media without leaving Woto. 

It is as quick and simple as Microsoft Word and as powerful and flexible as a web site builder.

Express Yourself

Unlike other systems where only a single type of content - be it a blog post, a landing page or a web site - can be created, Woto allows you to express yourself in many ways. It does this by giving you a different content authoring tool for each type of content. 

This means you can use our text editor for creating long-form content like articles (see the video).

You can read more about Woto's text editor at woto.com/write.

For creating designs with less content and more flare, you can use our design editor.

Developers familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript can use our code editor to create any design they want. See this guide for creating Woto templates. (Please contact us for a developer account)

We also have a mobile editor (coming very soon) for you to share your stories on the go:


We have designed our technology in such a way (see woto.com/tech) that we can support new types of content in the future by adding new editors into our platform. This gives us all a big peace of mind, considering every other solution in the content space is built around a single editor rather than the actual needs of users.

Woto is Making Waves

We have thousands of content creators from 138 countries, using Woto to create and share both personal and business pages. Their Woto pages are viewed by millions and millions of people. 

  • Occasional article
  • Opening a debate
  • Photo album with running commentary
  • Invitation
  • Online newsletter
  • Poster
  • Landing page
  • Age restricted content
  • CV/Resume
  • Publicise an event
  • Competition
  • Password protected page (like a business plan)
  • Useful information shared with the world
  • Simple shop (selling homemade jams)
  • One page website
  • Daily digest
  • Open letter
  • Personal/Professional Portfolio

Content Curation

You follow a colleague on social media and you end up being exposed to pictures of their legs at the beach, photos of their cats, etc. in your timeline. We've all been there. And now there is a solution!

In Woto you can group your pages into collections. Other users can not follow you but they can follow your collections.

Every time you add a new page or update an existing page in a collection, the followers of that collection get a notification in Woto. That way, they don't have to rely on seeing your update in social media. You message doesn't get lost in a timeline.

Even better, you can put other users' pages into your own collections and build a following by not creating content but curating it. This is a great solution for small communities to create content together. It really is game changing.

Woto for Large Communities

Organisations, who have a large user-base and want to give their users a voice, can use a private-labelled version of Woto. We call this solution Woto Community.

Users (or members) on a Woto Community can publish what they are passionate about. Whether it’s for feedback, a review, an article, personal advice, news or opinion, etc, users can truly express themselves, share information, and reach out to other users within their community and beyond - across the web and on social. For example;

The private-label platform integrates with the organisation’s web application to deliver a seamless user experience, so all of the above happens as part of the organisation's brand, e.g. community.mycompany.com. With minimal development requirements, the complete Woto design and publishing system can be integrated in a matter of hours.

Using Woto Community helps improve user engagement, create stickiness, drive loyalty/retention and build the organisation’s digital footprint and brand awareness.

Meet the team behind Woto

Woto is causing a paradigm shift in content creation, curation and social publishing. Meet the team that has made all this possible.


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