I knew I wanted to write about inequality after reading Lisa’s amazing article on the subject. Like her, I had n’t given it much thought until Amnesty raised the issue this week as part of the Blog Action Day

In fact, it reminded me of an awesome video called The Other Side of the Coin by Ekin Caglar. A master piece that has survived the test of time (perhaps ten year on) and yet it’s still so relevant today.

Take a look at Ekin’s video here and then read Lisa’s article to see how her 20 minute research has changed her life forever.

And now it’s my turn....

I have just come from hospital where I visited my mother-in-law, a frail 90 year old with a very sharp mind. “What’s Putin up to these days” Rena asked, barely two minutes into my visit. “Have they sorted the invasion? And what’s going on in Syria? Are people still being massacred?” 

And so it was we put the world to right, and not for the first time….

With Blog Action Day looming (now here today) and the subject of inequality up there, that got me thinking about how we relate to events around the world. In my discussion with Rena about the Ukraine and Syria, we talked about the wrong doings, the evil, the suffering and the tragedy of it all – of course, a very natural response.

But interestingly we didn’t naturally think “inequality”. We didn't contemplate that inequality may in fact be amongst the root causes of these and many other humanitarian problems. 

And if that’s the case, why isn’t the word “inequality” as ubiquitous as “war”? Which incidentally gets 300,000 searches a month on Google compared to “inequality” at 40,000.

So if war is one possible outcome of inequality, what can be done beyond stopping the wars, to address the underlying issues?

And what can we do as individuals? Are there things beyond signing partitions and joining action groups that, at a practical level, can make a real difference?

I had wanted to write something sensational about inequality to raise the issue and report on the scale of the problems but there's lots of material already out there on the web. Instead then, I found myself searching  for a solution and one that as an individual, I can participate in and make a practical contribution to. Finding that turns out to be a lot harder.

So if you have some answers, please engage, better still, visit here, to write your own article.

It is after all Blog ACTION day today. And we need ACTION on inequality!

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