Free Expression for All!

We all are humans!

It is given naturally to all human beings - listening, seeing and speaking. It is also human nature to learn how to rad and write later on. These all are intended to serve one thing, self expression.  

However, today, we see humans deprived of this human right. Most parts of the world people are suffering for not expressing them selves. People die and put in jail for the rest of their life just because they wanted to use this natural right.

Some countries officially ban free expression while others block it in the name of terrorism. One of such countries are my own country Ethiopia.

Since 2009, after the Anti-terrorism law there have been accusations and arrests of over dozens of journalists in Ethiopia. Many left the country fearing of the arrest. Lots of private publications are closed. Printing houses also refused not print any private newspapers and magazines that criticize the government. People also afraid to buy and read these publications on public.

According to CPJ reports the country is the second worst jailer in Africa next to its neighbor Eritrea.

There is no private TV station in the country. There are few FM radios but almost all of them are government affiliated. The sole TV station, EBC serves the ruling party agendas day and night. Opposition parties are not allowed to entertain their views or ideas on this TV.

there is no daily newspaper in the country except the government newspapers like Adiis Zemen and The Ethiopian Herald. 

The country that has over 90 million population suffers lack of access for exercising its freedom expression. 

Though the world is watching this for decades, it is a tragedy that is not changing. The government blocks its ears not to hear any argument both from in side and out side pressure. The arrest of the journalists is still continuing. The people still demands its freedom of expression which is clearly declared in the country's constitution. So, the government must answer this question. It should open its door to any dialogue or opinion than imposing its ideology on the people. the alliance countries should also support the question of the people. the freedom of expression they saved for their own people should also be given to other people they are working with. After all, we all are humans and have same need - Freedom of Expression!