Examples: Haiku about Nature

       Haiku is a Japanese poem. In the traditional form, it consist 3 lines and 17 syllables - 1st line has 5 syllables, 2nd line has 7 syllables, and 3rd line has 5 syllables. A haiku don't have titles, don't use abstract noun don't rhyme, always in present tense, use adjectives sparingly, and are implicit. Most of the haiku poems are the observations of the writers about nature, love, etc. But writing a haiku about nature is easier. Admire the beauty of nature! Like me, I wrote haikus about nature that I had experienced or observed wherever I go. 
These are some examples what I have wrote during my summer vacations:

1.) Salt water splashing                

    Sea creatures play hide-and-seek

    In the deep blue sea.

2.) Tree branch sways slowly

    As a child sings a sweet song

    Gracefully it goes.

3.)Busy bees searching

    In a stunning flower field

    Also butterflies!

4.) A great wide valley

    Birds flying freely and wild

    Over horizons.

5.) A happy rooster

    Feels golden rays of the sun,

    Sings hilarious!

6.)Playful grasshopper

    Wandering around the night

    Curious little one.

7.) Fresh scented flower

    Makes a kid smell near to it

   Achoo! Oops, bless you.

8.) Funny fluffy cloud

    Making faces in the sky

    Whoosh! It fades away.

9.) Carefree raindrops drop

    Racing on my window panes

    Drip drop! They fall down.

10.) The waves play with sand

    A small hermit crab pop out!

    The crab wash away.

11.) Busy little ants

     Doing work for their kingdom

     Marching like soldiers.

12.) A beautiful bird

     Feels free and proud in the sky

     Flies like an angel.

13.) A brave strong seedling

     Wondering when shall it grows

     Sitting near the pond.

14.) Leaves gracefully dance

     As if the wind tickles them

     Whoosh! the wind sings only.

15.) A bird fly so high

     Singing a melodic song

     What a peaceful day!

I hope I can assist you :D Thanks