Woto FAQ

Can I age protect my pages?

Yes, users can add an age restriction to their pages in order to provide some additional safety. When applied, age restriction prompts the page visitor for their age. The entered age must be greater than the restricted age specified.

 Just move your mouse over your page card and click on "Page Settings." Alternatively, if you're in the page editor, move your mouse over the gear icon found on the right side of the page, and click on "Page Settings".

In the Page Settings window select the "Age Restriction" option as shown below. Then select "Restricted" option and choose from the list the minimum required age to view the page content. You can specify any age between 13 and 25. Don't forget to Save Settings. Once a page is age restricted, it will appear with a  icon on the page cards.

Done! Your page is now age protected. 

In fact, everyone will see the beside dialog when they visit your Woto page's address. 

In order to view the page content, the visitor must enter their date of birth. 

If the declared age is smaller than the value set, "This page is not appropriate for your age." message will be shown.

Age restriction can be removed at any time following the same steps but this time selecting "Universal" in the Age Restriction section.