Woto FAQ

Using Anchors

You can use anchors in Woto to mark a location on your page so that you can link to it from somewhere else on the page (or from another page). Often anchors are used on web pages that contain sections to allow navigation between sections. They can also be used to provide an index at the top of a page so that a reader can click an item in the index and jump directly to the relevant section.

Inserting Anchors

To insert an anchor, place the cursor at the location you want to link to and then click the anchor symbol from the Woto editor menu:

You will be promoted for an anchor name. Make sure you use a name that uniquely identifies the location.

After you have inserted the anchor, a symbol appears next to the cursor. It will look something like this

To change the anchor name or delete it, simply click the anchor so it is highlighted, then click the anchor symbol on the Woto editor menu. 

Linking to Anchors

In the above example we have placed an anchor at the beginning of Section 3 of our web page. To link to Section 3 - say from the top of the page, highlight the text to which you wish to add a link. Then click the Link icon on the Woto editor menu:

When the Link menu appears, check the third button down as shown below and then, from the drop down menu, select the name of the anchor to which you wish to link. Click OK.

You can add links to most objects in Woto, for example if you insert an image, you can add a link to it.

How it works

To demonstrate how this works, we have added an anchor to the top of this page and the link below links to this anchor. Click the link below to see how it works:

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