Woto FAQ

Can I create more than one page?

You can create as many Woto pages as you wish and we positively encourage you to do so - there is no restriction.

Each page stands on its own, with its own unique page address and this can be shared on social or the web, as many times as you like.  

You can also group pages together to form collections, like having an index page that provides navigation to other web pages.

In order to create another page just click on "Create a New Page" button. 

If you're inside the editor view, click to the < arrow (as marked with the red arrow beside) to return to your personal space. 

If you want to connect pages (link them), highlight the word, phrase, image etc. that you want to link to the other page and click on chain icon located in the editor toolbar as shown below.

Then choose "One of your other Woto pages" option to select the page to link to and click OK.

It is also possible to create links to:

  • Any web address
  • An anchor on the same page
  • A file that you have uploaded
  • Email address

To modify an existing link, just double click on it and the link window will open. You may edit or remove the link.

You can also continue to add as much content as you wish on a page, just keep adding content and the page length will grow to accommodate it.