Woto FAQ

Can I edit images and add effects?

We have integrated Woto with one of the world's best photo editing tools: Adobe© Aviary.

With Aviary you have everything to edit your photos without leaving Woto such as:

  • image enhancement filters
  • photo effects 
  • frames & stickers
  • crop, resize & rotate
  • image settings adjustments
  • draw and text
  • cosmetic tools

Once your page is published you still have the ability to putit in ‘edit mode’ and update/change images and other content where you see fit. 

Just click on "Edit Image" in the image uploader window before adding the image to your Woto page to start the photo editor.

Or, if you have already added the images on your page, click the image to select it and then click on "Edit Image" button as shown below.

When finished editing your image with the Aviary's photo editor, don't forget to click on "Save" to commit changes. 

You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. If you answer Yes, then the original image will be replaced with your modified version. This will affect all your Woto pages where the image is used.

Otherwise, if you answer No, then you need to specify a name for the new image file to be created in your library. Your other Woto pages using the original image will not be affected.