Woto FAQ

Can I remove the footer from my Woto pages?

No, not currently. The footer design is our way of achieving a little publicity and to help spread the word about Woto which is particularly important for a FREE product because building the community helps build future value for the business. 

That in turn means we can continue to build new features for our users.

At the moment, the footer is fixed and we have no way of customizing that at a user level. At some future date, we may actually introduce a paid version and one thought is to offer some configuration capabilities then or even allow the footer to be turned off completely - although that's not very social. But that's downstream.

But if you wish, you can remove your name and profile image from your Woto pages footer on the fly. 

Simply click on your profile image to reach the "My Account" menu in Woto and select "Name and Picture" section.
Tick "Don't show my name and picture on my pages" and save settings. Done! You're now a Woto mystery user.

You can always re-enable your name and profile image by unticking the same checkbox. This setting takes effect immediately on all your existing/future Woto pages.