Woto FAQ

Can I use my Google Analytics account?

Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small. It's one of the most powerful digital analytics solutions available - and it's free for anyone to use.

Executives can learn:

  • Which marketing initiatives are most effective
  • Accurate website traffic patterns/trends
  • Which customer and customer segments are most valuable

Marketing Professionals can learn:

  • Where users come from and what do they do on the site
  • How can the website convert more users into customers
  • Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions
  • Which online ad or creative is the most effective

Content Developers can learn:

  • Where people leave the site
  • Which pages retain users the longest
  • What search terms people use to find the site

You can add your Google Analytics account to every page you create in Woto.

Move your mouse over your page card and click on "Page Settings." Alternatively, if you're in the page editor, move your mouse over the gear icon found on the right side of the page, and click on "Page Settings". 

In the Page Settings window select the "Google Analytics" option as shown below. Then tick the "Enable Google Analytics for this page" and enter the universal analytics code obtained from Google. Don't forget to Save Settings.

Note however, that Woto has its own analytics which provide more information than Google. With Woto, the system collects information from across all social media channels and brings it together alongside the page views and share statistics for each of your pages. Now, in one place, you can see the reach and effectiveness of your pages across web and social channels.