Woto FAQ

How can I add meta tags to my page?

Meta tags allow you to provide additional data about your page, which will not be displayed on the page, but will be parsed by computers. This is how Google and Facebook know what description to show for your page.

With Woto you can easily add any meta tag to your page.

Move your mouse over your page card and click on "Page Settings." Alternatively, if you're in the page editor, 
move your mouse over the gear icon found on the right side of the page, and click on "Page Settings". 

In the page settings window that will open, select "Meta Tags" section.  Use the "Add Meta Tag" button to add any meta tag you wish. Don't forget to click on "Save Settings" button when you're done. 

Title, description, search engine keywords and open graph tags are generated automatically through the information you enter on the "Page Information" section of page settings. So do not add those meta tags here as they will be ignored, instead use the "Page Information" section to set your page title, description and keywords.

You can find a full list of meta tags here.