Woto FAQ

How can I recover my page?

A copy of your Woto page is saved automatically every 10 minutes in the background while you're working on it. It's possible to recover one of the previous versions (up to 10) using Woto's Page Recovery Tool.

Move your mouse over your page card and click on "Page Settings." Alternatively, if you're in the page editor, 
move your mouse over the gear icon found on the right side of the page, and click on "Page Settings". 

In the Page Settings window select the "Recovery Tool" option and click on "Launch Recovery Tool" button. 

Note: this option will be available only if you're working for more than 10 minutes on your document.

The page recovery tool will be shown listing you the previous versions of your document. Select the version you would like to restore and finally click on "Recover" button. 

In the recovery tool, your page will be shown to you in read-only mode. It's possible to use the search functionality or check the CSS, Javascript and source HTML views but editing is not permitted. You can either recover a page or cancel and return back to the editor.

A recovered page will not available to the general public unless you publish the page. So after the recovery don't forget to publish (in the Preview mode) or Save (in the Instant mode) the recovered page.