Woto FAQ

Why can't I post to Facebook?

The problem:

You attempted to post to either your Facebook account timeline, a page or a group and received:

Oops, you didn't give permission us to share on behalf of you :(

When you connected your Facebook account to Woto, you were asked to grant Woto certain permissions. One of these permissions was to allow Woto to post on your behalf:

If you skipped granting Woto this permission entirely by clicking the "OK" button, or if you changed the visibility of the posts to 'Only Me', this might be the cause of the error message.

The Solution:

Simply click on your profile image to reach the "My Account" menu in Woto.

From there, just disconnect (off)/reconnect (on) your Facebook account, this time granting Woto permission to post on your behalf.

If Facebook is your only login service to Woto than in order to be able to remove it you need to either connect another social account such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ by simply clicking the relative button or need to create an email/password login. 

To create an email/password login, just move to "Email Login" tab on the My Account window and define a password to access Woto. Once done don't forget to click on "Save Settings". You may now disconnect and reconnect Facebook without problems.

You may find that if you disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account it no longer requests permission to post on your behalf. If this is the case you will need to manually edit the visibility of the Woto posts (to anything other than 'Only Me') in            the 'App Settings' section on your Facebook account

Find the Woto app in your list of connected apps and click 'Edit':

Finally, modify the app visibility to anything higher than 'Only Me'. 'Friends', 'Friends of friends' and 'Public' are all acceptable visibility levels.