Woto FAQ

How can I get my page to appear in a Google search?

Woto pages are search engine friendly and indexible by search engines. In fact search engines such as Google really like Woto. But for a page to be indexed, you must share it publicly and this would make search engines aware of your pages and start listing them. Sharing it on Twitter or on Facebook (open to Public rather than just your friends) would do the trick. But if you create a page and no other site in the world links to it, search engines won't index that page.

If your Woto page is indexed by Google and if you have used correct keywords on your page, people would be able to find your page via search engines. As a rule of thumb, the more links you get to your page from other web sites, the higher your page would appear in Google.

Ensure you have filled the Page Information (title, description, search engine keywords) section of your page.

To do this, move your mouse over your page card and click on "Page Settings." Alternatively, if you're in the page editor, move your mouse over the gear icon found on the right side of the page, and click on "Page Settings". 

In the "Page Information" section fill out page title, page description and search engine keywords. Each search engine keyword needs to be separated with a comma (,). Don't forget to Save Settings when you're done.

Also please check out the guide on how to set a social image for your page to gain more visibility when sharing.