Woto FAQ

How can I add a shape to my Woto page?

Draw your shape (or import an existing one) in the below working editor:

When finished, you have 2 methods for importing your shape into your Woto page:

Method 1: Import as an image

Click on "SVG-Edit" dropdown menu and select "Export".

Choose the format of image type to export. We recommend PNG to preserve quality.
After clicking OK your image will be displayed in a new browser window, save it to your hard drive by right clicking and selecting "Save image as...".

To insert the saved image just go to your Woto page editor and click on "Insert Image".

The image uploader window will appear. If you don't have any images, you can add some to your library in 3 ways:

  • Simply drag&drop image files from your computer desktop to the image uploder window
  • Click on "From your computer" and select the files to upload
  • Click on "From another website" and type or paste the URL of the image file you want to download

Once all your images are added to your library, you can select the image you want to add to the page by clicking on it and then click on "insert  images to page" button as shown below. 

TIP: you can insert multiple images at once in your page, just keep the CTRL key pressed while clicking on an image.

Method 2: Import as a scalable vector graphic (SVG) object

Click on "SVG-Edit" dropdown menu and select "Document Properties".

Adjust the width & height of the document to fit your finished drawing. 

Click on SVG button as shown beside.

A window will popup showing the generated HTML of the SVG object. Select all the code and copy to your clipboard.

Go to your Woto page editor and click on "HTML" widget.

Paste the code you just copied, inside the widget window.

Done. Your shape is added to your Woto page successfully.