Woto FAQ

How can I post my pages to social media within Woto?

You can share a Woto page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + from within Woto, thereby removing the need to log-in to each app to create multiple posts.

In fact, with Woto, you can set the post data to be different for each of these social media channels so as to ensure that your messages are aligned perfectly. For example, on LinkedIn you may want a more business-like message and image compared with Facebook.

You can also add a social sharing widget to your Woto page design so that people visiting the page can Like and Share your content across the web and social. There is also a Facebook Comments widget which can be inserted into your page in order to engage and obtain feedback from your audiences.

In the page editor, just click on Share button located on the top right.
This will open the share window.

Select from the left menu the social network you would like to share your page to. If you never connected a social network you will see the below screen. In order to connect a social network to your Woto account, just "switch it on".

Please give all the requested authorizations to Woto, in order to post on behalf of yourself, to the social network.

Once you connect the network, Share window will look like below. Just fill in the necessary fields and post it. Done!

It's important to change the default share image: just follow this guide on how to add a social image to your page.