Woto FAQ

How can I use the image slider (carousel) widget?

After inserting "Image Carousel" widget to your page, just click on "Add Images" button that appears on the widget.

The image uploader window will appear. If you don't have any images, you can add some to your library in 3 ways:

  • Simply drag&drop image files from your computer desktop to the image uploder window
  • Click on "From your computer" and select the files to upload
  • Click on "From another website" and type or paste the URL of the image file you want to download

Once all your images are added to your library, you can then select the images you want to add to the carousel by clicking on them (for multiple selection keep the CTRL key pressed while clicking on an image). 

When you have  all the necessary images just click on "Insert selected images to page" button.

The image upload window will close and the selected images will appear (as thumbnails) on the image carousel. You can change their order by dragging and dropping the images. Once satisfied just click on "Finish Sorting" button.

Your image carousel is now ready. You can still add more images, view/sort or delete the existing by clicking on to the relevant buttons.

This will be the final result when you publish your page: a navigable image carousel with your favourite images.