Woto FAQ

How can I add songs to my page?

You can easily add songs or playlists to your page by using the "Soundcloud" widget. 
When you first insert (or drop) the widget into your page it will appear like this:

Open a new browser tab and go to soundcloud.com ,you don't need to be registered user. Search for any music.

When you find the music or the playlist you want to add to your page, click on its share icon as shown below.

This will open a new window showing the song's (or playlist's) link. Just press Ctrl-C (⌘-C in Mac) to copy the URL.

Paste the URL in Woto inside the Soundcloud widget, this will automatically load the selected song or playlist.  DONE!

You can add as many Soundcloud widgets as you want to your page and customize them by using the options menu.