Woto FAQ

Is Woto a blog creation site?

People often start a blog because they want to write about something they care about or that matters to them and on the web, there is really no other place to publish a page of information other than a blog. 

For people who write regularly about one subject or area of expertise, starting a blog is fine, it's worth the investment in time in setting up the blog and learning how to manage it. But for those people who only want to publish an article every now and then, a blog can be very onerous.

And even for committed bloggers who have built a reputation for their blog, there will be times when publishing content to their blog might tarnish that reputation, where the blog is simply the wrong place to publicise it.

For example, a complaint or a political article would probably not sit well in a blog about technology.

It's for these reasons why Amnesty International recommends Woto to its 1.2m fan base. It's not a substitute for serious bloggers, but for the majority of their community, its a much simpler, more effective and quicker alternative.