Woto FAQ

Why Woto is different compared to...?

What makes Woto different from apps like Weebly, Wix, About.me etc?

Woto is an online publishing solution that stands out from other website building applications because it allows the user to build standalone pages, to publish any content to the web without having building a full website. 

Website builders can be complex to use and require investment in time and training to get the best out of them. In contrast, Woto is as simple and intuitive as a word-processor, which means pages can be created and published in minutes with no prior skills or knowledge of the internet.

Often with website builders, you must also buy a template and a domain and sign-up to hosting packages in order to publish and maintain your site. With Woto, everything you need to get online is included for free and as a user, you don't have to even think about such things; it's all taken care of for you. 

About.me is a slightly different type of website in that it is designed for individuals - as the name suggests. It is very easy to setup and customize but it is designed for a single purpose, not for social publishing. 

You can find our more about the differences by clicking the logos. 

How does Woto compare to Onepagelove.com?

Onepagelove is for for creating single page websites whereas Woto is for sharing information. Because of this the design approaches and functionality are very different.

Onepagelove for example, will appeal to businesses and sole traders who want an online presence. In contrast, Woto  has been designed for people who want to escape the design and layout restrictions of social media applications; for people who would n’t dream of creating a website or starting a blog to share their thoughts and passions. 

Woto plugs a gap in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites and in that sense a comparison with Onepagelove is like comparing apples and oranges.

That said, Woto is so powerful, you can in fact use it to create single page sites or indeed full websites as many of our business users have done.

How does Woto compare with sites like medium.com?

Medium focuses primarily on words and targets readers and writers. Whereas, Woto goes far beyond just words, by offering a variety of widgets and tools for video, image editing, videos, sound clips, event management, maps, PayPal, tables, page designs and much more. 

It's functionality you would find in a good website builder but without the complexity and hassle. It means users are free to express themselves creatively without limitation, not just work with text on white background or something similarly boring. 

In addition, with Woto, you get can publish as many pages as you wish to the web, control how they are viewed and post to social media. With Medium, the focus is on publishing to the Medium community and therefore with Woto, the reach is potential far more significant.

Doesn’t Google Docs do everything that Woto does?

Google docs is great for real time collaboration and for creating documents but it is not a tool for creating and sharing content as web pages. 

With Woto, the end result is a living breathing stand-alone page on the web with the ability to post to social. A Woto page has the functionality of a website - widgets for example that provide for user interaction and engagement - something which is not possible with Goolge docs, it's more of a conventional document that happens to be accessible on the web.

Woto does offer collaboration tools, but takes a different approach by allowing users to transfer their page design to another user. This approach means groups of people with different roles can contribute to page content and design very easily.

Why Woto, compared to other social networks such as Facebook?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - indeed most other social media apps too - are great for sharing moments in life or at work. A quick 140 characters or a short box-sized post. It works well despite some of the limitations and frustrations around privacy issues, ownership and ads.

But when but when you have something important to say, something you care about that matters and you don’t want to get lost in a timeline or be limited to a short post, there is no place on the web to escape these limitations other than a blog or website.

Most people would n’t dream of creating a website or starting a blog to share their thoughts and passions. They are just far too complex and time consuming and require too much of a commitment.

Woto is a new type of social publishing solution that sits in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. It addresses the issues above by offering the same ease and immediacy of social media apps, but without any of the rules and design restrictions.

Woto makes this possible by combining the simplicity and intuitiveness of a word-processor, the immediacy of a social post, and the functionality of a website builder. It’s so simple to use, anyone can create a page and publish to the web in just 3 clicks and a few seconds.

There are no privacy issues, no ads, no SPAM, no timelines, no restrictions, no design constraints. It’s your space, your rules – you can create anything you want from a blank canvas or template.