Woto FAQ

How much does Woto cost?

Quick answer: Woto is FREE and always will be. 
You can create as many free pages using Woto as you wish.

Woto is delivered with a freemium model, i.e. the core service as you see it will always be free of charge, and we will make money by selling additional (premium) services. For example you can buy domain names via Woto at the moment.

We have built Woto for people to share their thoughts and passions online without the restrictions of Facebook and Twitter and with the power of a website builder. People are using Woto for hundreds of applications (landing pages, articles, invitations, promotions and so on) both personal and business, mainly because it's so easy to use and quick to publish and of course you get everything you need to have an online presence free of charge. 

Our mission is to give everyone the ability to be on the web in a meaningful way. So we don't ask to be paid, we just encourage you to use Woto on a regular basis for articles, stories, your passions, your advice - things you care about that matter - that sort of thing. 

If you are in business you could create a web page each week for your business, stand out from the competition by having something different to say on a regular basis. It's so easy you can really publish everyday! 

Meet Woto, make waves.

How does Woto make money?

We offer a version of Woto for online businesses who want to give their online community a voice - a means of sharing their thoughts and passions. This solution is sold on a subscription basis as a white labelled or co-branded solution.

We also plan to offer premium services such as advanced widgets, domains and templates.