The simplest way for consumers to publish, curate, discover and share, meaningful content on the web

A cost effective way for brands to drive engagement and build communities around UGC 

Ian - former COO of two BT ventures, three start-ups, two exits. 

Ekin - founded and ran Sibilo for 11years. Developing software since 1987! 

Yusuf - MD and co-founder of Sibilo Turkey. Expert platform developer.


Ingenious Media (London)

GBA - Turkish angel network

BBH - acclaimed international ad agency

Consumer space:

35,000+ users from 138 countries

25% month on month growth at av CPA 24c

B2B2C space:

Recent launch of Woto Community proposition

4 pilot projects, 1 verbal commitment £30-50k p.a.

HoA for £500k p.a. recurring revenue partnership

Woto mobile app launch Q4 2015

In the next 18 months: 1.5m users

20 live B2B customers

Annualised revenues £1m 

Series A £1.5 to 2m Q1 2016


Call Ian on +44 7734 606861 or
For Turkish enquiries email Ekin




Drop by for coffee at our BBH office, 60 Kingly Street, London W1B 5DS


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