Inequality means to me Violence that is an avoidable, impairment of fundamental human needs that includes racism, sexism, ageism etc., also includes political and economic inequalities,

 Inequality  a form of violence that is political, economical, social conditions that prevent people from reaching their full potential.

 I stand for:

Preserving Freedom, Democracy, Civil Liberties, Human Dignity & The Value Of Each Human Being, Human Right's, Social Justice, Fairness, Wisdom, Philosophy Of Life & the Universe & Current Affairs,

World Peace, Unity, Technological Advancement To Enhance & Preserve Human Existence in the Universe and through Colonization Of Outer Space.

Equality and Human Right's enables all to be able to exist, equally, without persecution, enjoy their lives and contribute to society.

Allowing all mankind to contribute to society will bring out the full potential of all nations and mankind.

Human Right's brings up civilization to forward advancement by allowing full participation of all.

It is the responsibility of all People and Nations to treat one another with respect, dignity and by not denying anyone of the Universal Declarations.

The world has to many trade disputes, political disputes, local conflicts, inequities from labour standards, rights, earnings, health care, shelter, food, water, wealth gap between the poor and the rich widening, hunger etc. 

Now we have another ongoing threat of terrorism that requires the worlds undivided attention to beat.  

The world already has central type governments, such as the E.U., African Union, Arab league, Regional and World Trade bodies, Regional world powers such as China, Russia and the United States.

The world needs local central governments that can take the challenge, as a group of nations to stifle out inequalities, local conflicts and terrorism.

U.N. headquarters in NYC is by default the Capital of this Federation solution to take the world to a class 1 civilization, and for further advancement and will ensure the survival of the human race here on earth and beyond.  

All the national governments can not go about this on their own, as they are local representation only, then there needs to be regional representation and finally the global representation. 

The "World" will have control of all it's resources and be able to ensure equality in all aspects, maintain the planet and keep the peace.  

The Ultimate solution to make this work is Unity.  Much of the ground work is already in place, but "World Governments" need to tweak this Unification to make it work. 

Once this unity is in place "human rights violations, inequalities in all aspects, economical and trade inequalities, conflict, terrorism, crime, war  etc." will be dealt with and stifled out in a timely manner.

We need to think and work together to bring a better World about for all of us and all future generations. 

What can you do??  
Lobby (i.e. write letters, emails, call and meet your local representatives) and sign the petition to the United Nations, General Assembly:

The Internet is as important to mankind, as Unity. 

The internet is the complete connection of our collective consciousness, and it will enable our survival with all the technologies and knowledge it will bring from our collective consciousness and will enable complete democracy and input from all citizens.

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. -JFK

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