Meet Woto

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Woto in a nutshell

Woto is your free fast track to your own web presence.

It’s a simple and powerful means of publishing on the web, fast, without spending a dime. You don't need fancy coding skills, or a bunch of techies. You don't need a hosting account, or a domain name, or masses of time. We don't insist you learn to drive a lumbering great content management system, or remain tied to your ever-demanding blog, when you've so much else to do.

We've purposefully designed our flexible lightweight app to release you from tech tyranny. Woto is a new concept of a quick and easy web presence. Our stand-alone pages are created with the familiarity of a word processor, the speed of a social media app, and the functionality of a powerful website builder. 

Anyone can create a Woto page and publish to the web in just 3 clicks and a few seconds, whenever they like! 

And it’s catching on big time!

A Growing Community

Tens of thousands of users in 135 countries are active on Woto – some creating hundreds of pages for a raft of business applications. We're revolutionising the way people make their online presence.

  • Design a digital poster, news release, announcement, invitation, business update
  • Create landing pages for list building and lead conversion
  • Produce a digital sales flyer, promotion or offer, advertisement, 
  • Effortlessly create highly effective newsletters with no technical skills 
  • Generate use cases, articles, opinion pieces, FAQs, single blog post
  • Promote an event, a new product launch, an exhibition presence, an open day
  • An alternative to a single page website updated weekly

Your Own Web Space

With Woto, everything you need to get online and manage your own digital space is included for free. And you can post to social from Woto to reach more people and spread the word. 

The benefits are simply amazing:

  • It's a fast and easy app for busy people like you
  • No need for complicated web site applications, techies, or hosting accounts
  • Nothing to pay - another way of saying "free"!
  • You can design and create as many beautiful pages as you wish
  • You can update them or edit them at any time
  • Your Woto page won't get lost in the time line
  • You can reach more people and stand-out on the web and in social channels
  • You can collaborate by transferring pages to your work colleagues

You too can create these awesome pages!

Check out these amazing pages created by Woto users just like you:









Give it a whirl!

Ready to create your first page? Follow these simple instructions and in less than 30 minutes you’ll be amazed at your creation up there on the web for the world to see!

Help is on hand

Anytime you need help, just click on the  symbol to send a message to the Woto team. We aim to reply within the hour, often within minutes. Ask us anything at all (except next week's lottery jackpot numbers - even we're not that clever.) If you're stuck, give us a shout and we'll answer you. We'll also send you useful tips periodically as you are working through your pages.

There are also a growing number of FAQs available to view here.