Long way to go...

Inequality dressed in hypocrite costume

It has been a long way since the issue of inequality.Solutions kept coming in different ways,in an increasingly manner.It is obvious that these solutions are mostly very suitable in terms of a theory-orientation,but lack of execution became a problem.

However, inequality has no place for future generation,if only we make sure we treat this issue as our very own social responsibility.We ought to understand that our brothers, sister and future generation will be affected by this issue if we are not willing to do anything to change it.Surely we can't live with that guilt of not doing anything.

Let us not only talk about the solutions of inequality while we do not engage in any action to address this issue.it ain't about who said what anymore,but what has and being done at the same time.Everyone is highly capable to make changes in anyway possible,as long as it is action in progress.