Do you need IT help or business support?

I live in Leigh and until recently I worked during the week in London helping businesses with digital innovation and growth.

With the lock down, I am offering to use my skills and experience to:

  • support villagers in Leigh and surrounding areas, with general IT, computing and internet issues to allow them to keep in touch with world events / the village / their families and friends
  • assist local businesses who need help with strategy, digital marketing and access to online opportunities in order to keep their business functioning

If you think you need help please read on below for more details of where I may be able to help and how to contact me.

For Neighbours 

We all have annoying problems with our computers and the internet from time to time. I may be able to help you.

If you have a problem or would like some advice, feel free to connect and I'll do my best to help out. I can’t offer to visit you at home but if I can help remotely would be happy to do so.  If I can't fix the issue, I may know someone who can…...

Please contact me using the form below or if you have my tel number or email, just connect directly.

For Businesses

At work, I normally help companies develop & implement strategies to deliver business objectives. Usually this is about revenue growth and profitability, and involves a mix of product development, digital and online marketing, organisational development, deployment of technology, innovation, and general business development in areas of sales, distribution and channels. 

However, in these challenging times - where survival and business continuity are key - I am hopeful that some of the things above can be used to help in the current circumstances and provide some positivity towards future business development. 

Here is a list of the sort of things that might be useful:

  • Helping you with survival strategy
  • Helping you to develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Helping you to setup an online shop or website
  • Helping you setup an email marketing solution
  • Helping with a social media presence / promotions
  • Helping you set up a blog

Please note, I am a generalist rather than an expert but I do have some practical experience in these areas.  I would be happy to help you brainstorm your current circumstances to see how I can help you develop a strategy and a way forward.

At this stage I don't know how much demand there will be, but my plan is to provide advice and guidance to businesses, to the extent I have time, free of charge, with the proviso below:-

The free business support would be around helping you to develop a business strategy to cover the immediate future, identify the technologies and digital methods best suited to deliver your needs, and then working with you to create a short-term plan for you to execute. I can offer to advise and provide some on-going mentoring but it would be you executing.

If you are interested in chatting, please use the contact form below to connect.

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Please also provide a telephone number.