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Top 5 Runway's This Season That Enhanced Fashion And Catwalk                                         To A Whole New Level

Whenever the we heard about words such as fashion and fashion shows the only things that comes into our mind are thin models, straight and stiff catwalks, poker faces. These are present in fashion world since its inception and it is persisting until now. Not only ordinary peoples, even some of the fashion analysts and critics feel bore on watching these same kind offashion events all the way through out the days. But, now the situation is slowly changing as young designers provoked tochange this. Not only they aspire to exhibita unique kind of art in their designs, but also want to present it in a different way. These designers made the boring runway to an interesting flick to watch. Here are some of the unique fashion shows that enhanced fashion and catwalk to a whole new level.



1. Chanel Girl Power:

Chanel's new fashion show rates the top among the five as it has changed the traditional way of catwalk tradition. All models marched down on to the runway in finale along with the designer karl lagerfield. This show was called as "Chanel Girl Power" and this suits quite a lot

2. Desigual

Desigual's fashion show stands second among the five. This show is all filled with gorgeous smiles of models and it also follows the same concept of chanel, holding the speech         bubble boards and cherishing smiles. Many critics have stated that, this show was one of the most interesting shows to watch in this whole season.


3. Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren follows the same traditional runway practices until 2014, but now the american apparel giant has changed the total catwalk trend to a whole new level. This season ralph lauren used new technology to exhibit their new collection. The brand has presented their collection by using 4D laser technology and water projection. The laser show has gain many appreciations from critics and models too.


4. Betsey Johnson

The name "Betsey Johnson" is well known for its trendsetting and crazy fashion. This year the brand follows the same. Models smiling around, crazy ideology and even crazy designer too.


5. Balmain Army

Olivia Rousteing's new balmain collection stands fifth in the list. The designer was well known for his state of art and cutting edge designs. All the outfits were totally new and the way the models carrying the outfits was amazing. This collection was called as "Balmain's Army"  and the name was quite apt for the collection.




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