Harness the power of user generated content to delight your customers and enhance your brand

Imagine a place on the web, free from the everyday trivia and cluttered timelines of social media, where content is organised and forever green...


Where people can store their memories, their photos, their stories, their passions, and so much more...


Where they can choose to share content with friends and families, or with the world at large, however they so wish...


A destination where visitors can discover hidden treasures, unearth important truths, find new possibilities, and glean so much more than a travel brochure could ever offer...


This is your opportunity to harness the power of user generated content to delight your customers and enhance your brand.


This is Woto.

Give your customers an amazing way to capture and share their holiday experiences

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."

Oscar Wilde



fun times

When it happens, it happens fast. Use Woto’s mobile app to report-in live when the action happens.

Catalogue each day of your dream tour; share it with your friends and family, and savour those memories for years to come.

Immortalise your embrace with Mickey via a quick news update to show your friends exactly what they are missing!



Tips & Advice

Participating in outdoor pursuits & activity holidays can be enormous fun. Now you can share those experiences with other would-be adventurers.

We know that holiday goers love to write about their experiences from sites like TripAdvisor. Now you can feature those reviews on your own online real-estate.

Frequent travellers know how best to navigate the airports, find the right hotels, and pick the best spots. Now everyone can benefit from their amazing knowledge.

A myriad of uses...

7 benefits for your business


Trust – independent recommendations are known to be more trustworthy, memorable, and influential than traditional brand copy. Trust is an important factor which leads to increased loyalty, goal conversions, and ultimately purchases.


Reach – people who create content naturally want to share it, even shout about it, especially when they achieve fame within a community. To facilitate this, we give them the tools and the encouragement to post their content on social media channels, straight from the platform. Now, your brand’s reach has just increased exponentially and at zero cost!


Traffic – when you combine the power of UGC, the reach of your brand ambassadors, the network effect of community members posting to their social channels, and the effect of vastly improved SEO, you can without doubt expect your site traffic to rocket.


Conversion – increasingly marketing leaders are using their online communities for reach, depth, and relationship objectives. By tapping into the content and interactions generated by the community, brands can influence how customers explore and interact with their offerings and help move them to a purchase decision. 


Affinity – when people in your community are recognised and rewarded for outstanding UGC, it enhances the sense of belonging and achievement which in turn creates an amazing bond with your brand. These brand ambassadors inspire others to step up to the mark and suddenly, whoosh - the magic of UGC takes over.


Stickiness – with the right community tools, good UGC generates far more site activity, drives back visitors on a regular basis and increases total time on site significantly. This creates far more opportunities to engage users and drive goal conversions.


SEO - Search engines thrive on a steady stream of unique, searchable content and UGC delivers this big time; in one test generating 200% more frequent bot crawling, as much as 250% broader keyword reach, and more than 200% more organic traffic.

Features for managing every aspect of UGC putting you in total control




Turn your website into THE destination site for your sector with a mix of UGC and professional content, organised into categorised collections where visitors can discover amazing stories and invaluable information straight from the horse’s mouth!

Write articles, build web pages, publish to the web and social, in just 3 clicks with Woto’s amazingly simple editing tools. Templates, widgets, drag & drop, image libraries and so much more, at your finger-tips for novices and experts alike.

We’ve embedded amazing features to encourage members to share their thoughts and passions across the web and on social media in a trice. And directly from the platform and the Woto mobile app.




We call it content-centric networking and it’s all about shared interests, not just social connections. Follow great content and get notifications when new material is added, and create personal collections to share with others.

Content creators and visitors alike, can curate their own collections of favourite content, then share that on social and acquire their own followers. There's nothing quite like this for generating a network effect and for spreading the word.

Turn your community’s content into a powerful brand asset by featuring amazing user content on your website. With a choice of integration approaches and mediation controls your editorial staff are always in total control.


Desktop & mobile

Your audiences expect to find you everywhere and on any device. That’s why community pages created on Woto are optimised for all devices and adapt automatically to fit any sized screen. 

Site integration

Simply add a snippet of code to the web pages where you’d like to show user-generated content.

It could be a single featured article or a collection of categorised content, curated and mediated by your editorial team or managed by the community.

The choice is yours; a one-off update to your site, then full control of published content from within the Woto platform.

White label

Most aspects of the Woto platform can be white labelled to provide a seamless user experience around your brand.

We also offer single sign-on and rich APIs for deeper integration and customised applications. 

Templates & Widgets

The Woto editors have an impressive list of widgets for adding rich functionality and it is also possible to design bespoke widgets which pull data from your data sources or a third party site.

You can also create templates for specific applications within the community. 


The Woto platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for setting up, configuring and managing your community. In fact everything you need for user management, content management, messaging, analytics and reporting. 

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