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Test Twitter's new block - what can you see?

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The @FriendlyBlocker will block you* (nicely)

Once blocked, if you visit @FriendlyBlocker's profile page you'll probably be told that you've been blocked and that you can't see any of its tweets. Wanna bet?

See how many ways you can thwart this :)

*Note that I have to be logged in as @FriendlyBlocker to block you, it's not automatic. Ping me on @JoBrodie or jo.brodie AT if you're waiting to be blocked.

1. Search on desktop Twitter ( or for
Try searching for from:friendlyblocker

2. Use a browser where you're not logged in (or log out / use private browsing)
Try visiting  while not logged in or from other browser

3. What about apps for smartphones or tablets
Search for friendlyblocker on your app and see if you can see the tweets, then see what happens if you click on the profile. Echofon, Janetter and Osfoora apps for iPhone all show profiles at time of writing and, surprisingly, so does Twitter's official iPhone app. What about apps for other phones and tablets?

4. Use a different account or an app that handles multiple accounts
Either log into your other account or open up something like Tweetdeck that lets you log in from multiple accounts simultaneously. Search for @FriendlyBlocker's profile and tweets

What's this all about?
As of 2 December 2014 Twitter began rolling out an update which included a change in the way blocked accounts can interact with the people who've blocked them. The most obvious change is that you'll know you've been blocked if (a) you use desktop Twitter and (b) visit their profile page - because it now tells you (it's not that obvious otherwise, though you also won't be able to favourite or RT their tweets though that's always been the case).

Because the profile page now says that you can't see their tweets (and some smartphone apps also seem to indicate this) it appears as if a block really stops you from seeing someone's tweets. While it's obvious to many that this can never be true it's also not obvious to plenty more and I'd quite like to make sure that they know that all public tweets (ie from an account that isn't private) are visible through a variety of methods including searching for them or just logging out.

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If you're thinking of changing your account name to shake off some annoying people remember that any conversations your previous account name has been involved in will give your new name away (because of 'conversation threading'). There's a brief over view of this in the second example given in Things lots of people don't seem to know about Twitter - some Twitter myths (16 December) my blog, and more detail here Changing your name on Twitter doesn't stop people from finding you (24 May 2014) my blog.

Screenshots of what you see when an account blocks you

In all cases I am logged in as @JoBrodie and looking at the account @FriendlyBlocker which has blocked me.

1. iPhone apps

Some iPhone apps will let users see both the profile and tweets of someone who's blocked them. This may depend on the version of the app and it's possible that newer updates will 'fix' this, however there's no guarantee that someone will update their app, and so they will presumably still be able to see tweets.

Twitter for iPhone


I am told I can't access the profile but searching from:friendlyblocker shows me all the tweets.



I can see the profile and all the tweets. On clicking the 'Follow' button it implied that I am now following the account though if I close and re-open the app I've not listed as following.



Janetter lets me see the profile and all the tweets but it tells me, if I try and follow, that I have been blocked.



Echofon lets me see the profile and tweets. If I try and follow the account I'm shown an 'internal server error' but no confirmation that I've been blocked.

2. Desktop Twitter ( on a PC or laptop etc

I can't see the profile but...

...I can see all the tweets by searching from:friendlyblocker

2b. Desktop Tweetdeck

3. Other smartphones - please send me your screenshots :-)

If you've a non-iPhone smartphone and can send me some screenshots of what you see once the @FriendlyBlocker account has blocked you I'd be grateful.