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                       London is all set to welcome Victoria's Secret Models

We all know that this years annual Victoria's secret fashion show is going to held in London. Now London is all set to welcome the top models of the world for one of the top most fashion shows in the world. There is a buzz going around that all the models were arriving one by one in London for the show. Some of the models also posted the working stills in Instagram and Facebook.

This most anticipated fashion show has some most anticipated aspects too. Here's the list.


We all know that Victoria secret is one of the most anticipated shows. For a show like this which has a huge popularity, the list of models is also considered as one of the most anticipated one. Walking in Victoria secret is a dream to many models. Some reports says that around 30 models will pass to the finale. Even some of the top models were not able to make it to there. The list will be announced at the end of the October.

Performers In The Show

Every Victoria's Secret show has 2 to 3 performers performing for the show. Some of the finest performers like Jay-Z, Usher, Akon, Katy Perry have already performed. Last year Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle and Fallout Boys have performed. We have to wait to find who will perform this year. It is buzz out there that Lorde will be one of the performer in the show, but it is not confirmed yet. All we have to do is wait and watch. 

Million-Dollar Bra

Off all the lingerie pieces in Victoria's secret, there is a special piece called, fantasy bra. Victoria's secret chooses some of the best models to wear it. Last year candice swanepoel wore it. Now it's time to see the model who will be going to wear it in the show. It is buzz out there that, the new one will be wore by Doutzen Kroes, one of the top models of Victoria's Secret. All we have to do is wait and see.







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