Weebly - a great website builder. But stand-alone pages?

Weebly is a great product for creating websites. However, it is not designed for producing stand-alone pages. 

You don't get a blank canvas where you can place anything, quickly and effectively but instead you work within a template. That template typically has website features; some navigation, panes to the left or right, footers and headers that appear on each page of the website and so on. You need all of these things to develop a website. But they get in the way big time when creating stand-alone pages.

And the truth is, you wouldn't create a website to post a letter to the world, to publish a dissertation or create a wonderful poster. In fact most people don't have a website, nor do they want the hassle of maintaining one. That's the realm of business and let's face it, even in business you don't want multiple websites. 

Quite the opposite, you want a single masterpiece that's crafted with care such that it perfectly represents your business. It doesn't matter that it takes weeks, even months, it has to be right. And if you need web designers or HTML experts to help get the job done, so be it, the end game is worth the cost.

In contrast, stand-alone pages are designed to be quick - minutes not months, and easy - no need for experts, just a blank canvas and word processor like functionality that anybody can use. Then once your design is published to the web, you can post it to social channels to spread the word. 

That's it - publish and post with the same immediacy and ease as your favourite social app. Now try that with Weebly:

You first register or sign in:

Then you click Add Site and start adding a site.

Then you are asked to choose a theme. Here you need to find a theme that might work for a standalone page.

Then you choose a domain:

Then you get to the editor. You haven’t started writing yet.

Then you drag the Text widget from the left and drop it somewhere on the page where widgets are allowed. Then you start typing in.

If you want to add an image within the text, you need to drag and drop the image widget and design the web site like that. This is quite different then a word processor – slightly harder. You need to find widgets to do things like add a table (weebly doesn’t have one). You may say “I’m an advanced user, I’ll just add that in HTML” but then you get something like this:

Anyway, you give up and go back. You say “At least I’ll remove the Home menu from the top”. Good luck!

Say you’ve persevered and created your page. Next time you want to create a standalone page, you think “it’s too much work” or “too much hassle” and you don’t even attempt it. We know, because that’s what we did for years. This is why Woto was born.

This is also why a New Wave in publishing is around the corner. Once to put some content on the web, you had to know HTML. Then came the Content Management Systems. Wordpress, then wixweebly, etc… Every new tool removed some hassle from the process. Then Twitter and Facebook came and disrupted the online publishing space; now everybody could post something on the Web in seconds. To publish rich content to the web as easily as Twitter but with all the functionality of the likes of Weebly, we need a paradigm shift. That’s why we’re no longer talking about “web sites” but instead we’re after easy and instant standalone pages.

Woto is a new type of social publishing solution that sits in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. It’s for people who want to share more than a small box-sized social media post, without the complexity of a website or the commitment of a blog.

Woto makes this possible by introducing the concept of stand-alone pages that are created with the familiarity of a word-processor, the ease and immediacy of a social media app and the functionality of a powerful website builder. Anyone can create a Woto page and publish to the web in just 3 clicks and a few seconds.

There are no privacy issues, no ads, no SPAM, no timelines, no restrictions, no design constraints. It’s your space, your rules – you can create anything you want from a blank canvas or template. And best of all, it’s free!

Visit www.woto.com.